What is Fanjour?

Fanjour is an innovative SMS platform made for businesses that need to stay in constant contact with their clientele.

Who can use Fanjour?

Artist, Record Labels, Touring Agencies, Doctors , Clinics , Hospitals, Teachers, Schools, Barbers, Beauty Salons, Nail Techs and more

Where are the benefit of Fanjour?

  • Protects your privacy
  • Easily gain new fans naturally
  • Our responsive landing pages quickly redirect clients to point of sales
  • Quickly identify Pop Up & Touring Locations
  • Communicate with specific customers quickly through filtered and targeted searches.

What is the key value proposition here?

Using Fanjour, businesses can track texting activities & messages from clients / fans turning communication to value.

My business runs on appointments, how can I use Fanjour?

Use Fanjour’s appointment scheduling platform and payment gateway allowing customers to easily book and pay for services in advance.

What help & support will I get from the Fanjour team?

Use the contact form and we will respond within 12 hours.

How can I make money with Fanjour?

Our affiliate system allows you to invite family, friends and/or acquaintances to use Fanjour and you’ll make $$$ with us every month

How much will I earn as a Fanjour Partner?

Our pricing is pretty straight forward and our commission structure is transparent – 10% cut & recurring. So, if the package is $49.99 and you refer 20 businesses with team size of 5 each, you will earn up to $500 per month. In the nutshell, your earning potential is unlimited.